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{Five Minute Friday: Crowd}

Five Minute Friday

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I’m not normally one for a crowd. People can get lost in a crowd.

Jesus seemed to attract a crowd. Crowds followed him. Crowds that were full of curious people who wanted to get a look at Him. But Jesus had a knack for finding one. 

I remember the blind beggar lying on the side of the road as the crowd pushed through in pursuit of Jesus.  The blind guy shouted. The crowd disregarded him and even rebuked him, but Jesus heard him and saw him and healed him.

What about Zaccheus?  He climbed a tree so that he could just catch a glimpse of Jesus.  Jesus saw him and called him by name and invited Himself to lunch and saved him.

Then, there’s the woman who had been sick for years. Twelve years. She pushed her way through the crowd desperate to touch his clothes. Jesus knew that she was there and stopped in his tracks to address her, to heal her.

Yes, people can get lost in a crowd. Or, people may even prefer to blend into the crowd.  Then there are some, like the ones I’ve already mentioned, who will do whatever it takes to be found. And Jesus?  Well, he promises that we will find him when we seek him with all our hearts. Whatever. It. Takes. All that I am. All in.

Why? Because, He’s Jesus. I love Him so. I need Him desperately.