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{Silence | Day 5 of 31}

Day 5 {Silence}

Ready? Go.

I’ve always appreciated the silence. Maybe that has something to do with my introverted tendencies. Yeah, there’s that. I used to think of silence as the absence of something, like noise and/or activity. But, it’s really more than that. Silence creates space. In our daily routines, silence creates space for rest. In our conversations, it creates space for listening. I’m all about creating space these days. I find that my heart and soul crave room to breathe. 

It’s funny, isn’t it? In the silence you hear things you might otherwise have missed. I find that particularly true in my prayer times. See, there are times when I run out of words. The Lord has graciously reminded me again and again that I don’t have to always have words to fill the silence.  But you know what? He hears the cry of my heart when my words won’t do. He knows me. Some of my most beautiful and meaningful moments have been wrapped in the silence and stillness that comes just from being in His presence. Not saying a word. Just being with Him. Kneeling down. Setting my heart and mind on Him. Meditating on His word. Remembering who He is and what He’s done. When I grab hold of Him like that, words don’t really cut it anyway. That kind of silence creates space for awe and wonder. I never want to lose that. I never want to get over Jesus. I never want to become bored with the truth that the Creator of all things knows my name. Yours, too. And He loves us with an everlasting love. Go ahead. Find a quiet place and just let that sink in.