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{Study | Day 17 of 31}

Ready? Go.

I love to study Scripture. The complexities and depth blows my mind, really. The writer of Hebrews (chapter 4, verse 12) says it’s alive and active, exposing our inmost thoughts and desires.  Paul reminds us in 2 Timothy that it is God-breathed. That truth alone makes it invaluable. Paul also tells us in Ephesians that it’s the primary weapon we’ve been given to defeat the enemy of our souls. It’s THE standard of truth. Scripture does something else for us, too. It teaches us about the character of God and reveals Jesus. Something beautiful happened when I started praying this prayer before my bible study: “Lord, reveal something of Yourself to me in these pages. Holy Spirit, reveal truth and teach me what this is saying about who Jesus is?” Here’s the thing: what I believe about Him, based on my understanding of His Word, will determine how I live for Him. Did you catch that? It's true. Scripture is not just a book of “how-tos” and “rules to live by.”  It’s so much more. 

I am grateful for Scripture. And, I’m thankful I live in a country during a century when it’s readily available and easily accessible. In the early 13th century, it was illegal for anyone other than priests to own a Bible. I can’t imagine that. And, how often do we leave it lying on the bedside table collecting dust? What if we recommit to searching and studying the Scriptures, and knowing what they say? What if we recommit to applying them to our every day, affirming the truth of God’s Word above all else? Yeah, what if we did that!?  If we ask Him, God will give us a supernatural desire to study His Word, more than ever before. He can do that, you know. I’d say it’s something He’d very much delight in doing for us.