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{Weekend | Day 20 of 31}

How about another list? Yes. Great! 20 Things I love to do on the weekend. Not all twenty, every weekend. But at least a few make the cut every weekend.

  1. Sleep in. (You know, 9:30ish.)
  2. Read a book. 
  3. Go to the park with the kiddos. 
  4. Sit on the deck and stare at the trees. 
  5. Plan for the following week. 
  6. Do a little writing.
  7. Peruse blogs I follow.
  8. Netflix a movie.
  9. Stay up late and fall asleep on the sofa with my hubby. 
  10. Clean the house.
  11. Eat out. 
  12. Visit with friends/family. 
  13. Play.
  14. Take a short road trip. (Usually involving volleyball)
  15. Go window shopping.
  16. DIY projects. (Which usually requires a trip to Lowes or Hobby Lobby. Yay!) 
  17. Sit at the piano. Play. Sing. Play some more, without playing anything in particular.  
  18. Blast worship music in the house while we cook/clean. (That's not specific to weekends!)
  19. Go to small group which, for the time being, is church for me. 
  20. Take a nap. 

I suppose I appreciate those weekends that settle into rhythm at a slowed pace. You know how I like space to breathe. What are your favorite things to do on the weekend?