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{Peppermint or Lavender?}

When a friend of mine introduced me to Améo essential oils, I thought I might grab a bottle or two to use in a hot bath. You know, just every now and then. I was, ahem, clueless. Now, I am an avid oil user. I know, I'm a little late to the game. But, no matter! 

Who knew all the things you could do with essential oils! Really, there are miles of possibilities. In the name of full disclosure, I am an Améo independent distributor. So, there are links in this post that will take you to my website where you can learn more about the brand or even purchase some of your own. I am partial to these oils, even though I’ve tried other brands, because all Améo Essential Oils are extensively tested for quality, purity, and usability. They truly are of the highest quality and potency. Best oils out there, hands down. Our family sees the benefits day in and day out. 

Here are two of my favorite go-to Améo essential oils. If you only have one oil in  your home,  make it one of these!

1. Peppermint Oil  I haven’t come across a person yet who doesn’t love the distinct, stimulating scent of this oil. It’s fresh and vibrant. I’ve used peppermint oil to ease nausea, clear up congestion, and relieve stress. Tension headaches don’t stand a chance against the powerhouse that is peppermint oil. You can mix it with fractionated coconut oil and use it to cool a sunburn. Mix it with true lavender and rosemary and rub it on sore, tired muscles. And, it’s AWESOME in a hot bath. Oh, yes. I’ve even used it in non-toxic homemade cleaning solutions and scent clean laundry by adding a few drops onto my woolen dryer balls. And, it’s perfect in DIY sugar scrubs. This gem of an oil can be found in various, strategic places throughout my home. I love it. And it’s a great place to start if you’re just dabbling. 

2. True Lavender Another familiar favorite for sure. This oil is as versatile as it is lovely. It blends well with just about any other oil out there, which is nice. It’s a soothing oil and eases tension. I use it at bedtime on my neck, shoulders, and wrists to promote relaxation and sleep. That’s after I’ve added it to a warm bath, of course! I also love this oil for dry, irritated, or chapped skin. I use it on my kiddos diluted in fractionated coconut oil and it soothes and cools itchy eczema skin. I love this oil in my homemade, non-toxic cleaners, in DIY room freshener, and again in the laundry room alongside my peppermint oil and woolen dryer balls. Oh, and my favorite use is in the kids’ bathroom. I put a few drops on the inside of the toilet paper roll to fight odors and freshen up the air in that room! Sneaky, I know. It’s just one of those oils that makes you feel better. And, because of it’s versatility, it’s also a great starter oil for the newbies of the essential oil world. I always, always keep this oil on hand. I love mixing it with my peppermint oil and diffusing it throughout the house! Imagine that! 

What about you? Do you have a favorite essential oil? What’s your favorite way to use it? I’d love to hear!