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{Walk | Day 1 of 31}

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Five Minute Friday writing community. So, I decided to join the 31 day writing challenge. If you aren’t familiar, Five Minute Friday means unplanned, unedited, straight-from-the-heart-to-the-paper writing. Yep, you write whatever comes out based on a prompt you're given - five minutes flat.

So…here’s to the Write 31 Days challenge,  five-minute Friday style! I'm all in, and I'm glad you stopped by. I hope at the end of the 31 days, I have a collection of posts that encourage you while at the same time stir something deep in your soul. At the very least, perhaps we can be reminded that we aren’t alone.  

Day 1 {WALK}.

Ready? Go.

Our pup, Ruby, is a dream. We love her to pieces. But, alas, she has overtaken one small area in our yard for, well . . . doing her business. Ahem. Our preschooler, who is four, loves to run in the back yard with Ruby. Sometimes, barefoot. And, if she happens to wander into the forbidden section of the yard, she comes back inside the house with a mess on the bottom of her foot. She’s learning where to run and where not to run. Thankfully. Because, I’m not so good with cleaning up the mess on the bottom of the foot. Not good at all.

It got me thinking. Don’t we sometimes do that as believers? We veer off path toward areas where we’re likely to step into a mess, and we just plow ahead, unaware. I’ve been there. Sometimes, it’s because I’m inviting the wrong counsel to speak into my situation. Yeah, there’s that. Psalm 1 talks about where we walk. Scripture admonishes here us not to walk in step with the wicked. It says we’re blessed when we don’t. The next verse explains what we should do instead — delight ourselves in the law of the Lord. Yes. 

When we seek counsel in and delight in God’s word, aren’t we less likely to step into a mess because of disobedience? Here’s the thing: there are only two directions in which to walk. We either walk in obedience or we don’t. Does that mean we always get it right? No way. But, when we cherish God’s word and hold it up as the standard for our lives, it changes the way we live. It changes the way we make decisions. It changes us. He. Changes. Us. Then, we find ourselves in step with Him, walking close behind Him, following with intention,  clinging to Him with all we've got. Because we learn that He is trustworthy. And, even more than that, He is always moving us in the direction of the Father.  That’s where I always want to be.